About us

YDE Areal Oy opened the Arealshop online store in autumn 2016. Today we offer a wide range of disposable goods for the beauty industry. The product range covers non-woven sheets and cloths of different thicknesses and sizes, which are sold directly from the manufacturer Areal.

The Arealshop selection also includes disposable products for customers (jackets, slippers, etc.) and caregivers (eg protective aprons, gloves), cleaning cloths, cosmetic masks, toe separators, foil for hairdressers, disinfectants, equipment and much more! We also sell products from other companies in order to complement our trade range. We are constantly growing and adding new products!

The selection also includes brands for use by beauty professionals:

  • professional cosmetics Shor Professional (Israel)
  • cosmetics for pedicure Iloiset varpaat (Finland)
  • eyebrow tint colors RefectoCil (Austria)

Our clients are hairdressers, beauty salons and massage and spa centers. Most of the products are aimed at beauty professionals.

In 2022, we will also add KW, a leading professional brand in the cleaning industry.

Why choose Arealshop or YDE Areal Oy?

By choosing YDE Areal Oy, you get

  • Customized product range
Our customer is able to order products directly from the factory, ie in practice you can ask for a certain size for a sheet or cloth, choose a suitable material and color.

  • High product quality
The high-quality non-woven fabric feels soft and does not cause allergies or other unpleasant reactions. YDE Areal Oy takes care of nature, which is why all non-woven fabrics are suitable as energy waste.
  • Factory clean disposable products
Disposable products such as handkerchiefs or towels guarantee customer hygiene. The person knows that the product was used only once and Kapan, who was just in contact with another customer’s skin, is not attached to his neck.
  • Satisfied customers
We make sure that you as a professional and your customers always get the best products at the same affordable prices.
  • Suitable payment methods
We use payment methods, payment cards and invoices from all Finnish online banks.
  • Free delivery within Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo

Since the opening of the online store, all orders over 30 euros will be delivered free of charge in the urban area.

Arealshop is is safe and easy to use. Welcome to shopping!