by Irina Skachkova

All protective gloves sold in the Arealshop online store are disposable. There are many different factors in choosing gloves. These include, for example, the quality of the gloves, the performance characteristics, the intended use and the price.

QUICK TEST AT WORK: If the glove hardens or swells on contact with the chemical, the material is incorrect.

We offer three different types of gloves:

1) latex gloves made of natural rubber

2) plastic vinyl gloves and

3) nitrile gloves made of synthetic rubber.


Latex gloves are usually white in color. The latex glove is elastic and flexible, usually resistant to cuts, abrasions and tears. Sterile latex gloves are widely used in medicine, e.g. in the operating room.Lateksikäsine

  • powder free, that powdered latex glove.
  • Latex is generally not suitable for natural rubber allergy sufferers.
  • Intended use: fast cleaning tasks that do not handle strong chemicals.
  • Latex gloves are resistant to many water-soluble substances, especially mild detergents, hydrogen peroxide, acids.

For whom: hairdresser, beautician

P.S. We took latex gloves out of the range because their more advanced version is nitrile.





The vinyl gloves are transparent or black in color. The cheapest option of all types of gloves.

  • Powder free
  • Generally suitable for allergy sufferers, but may sometimes contain allergenic additives.
  • Intended use: fast cleaning tasks that do not handle strong chemicals, handling non-greasy foods.
  • Vinyl glove is highly resistant to oils, greases, acids and bases, but is soluble in organic solvents

For whom: beautician, hairdresser, pedicure maters, chiefs




Nitrile gloves are available in a wide variety of colors, the most popular being blue. The protective nitrile glove usually stays in good shape, so they achieve a firm grip. Nitrile gloves have good protection against sharp objects and cutting.


  • Powder-free
  • Allergic reactions have been reported very rarely with the use of nitrile gloves.
  • Intended use: quick cleaning tasks, tasks dealing with blood and secretions, handling various chemicals, handling food.
  • The nitrile glove is highly resistant to most hydrocarbon solvents, acids and bases as well as oils, lubricants and oil-based products.

For whom: beautician, nail technician, nurse, chiefs


Attention! Changing gloves between different customers is to prevent infections.


Quick guide:

  1. The nurse (beautician, hairdresser) always puts on clean hands.
  2. Used protective gloves should be removed from the hands as soon as possible and placed in the trash. They must not touch the environment.
  3. Finally, the hands are disinfected. Disinfection of the hands is important as the hands may have become contaminated with microbes despite the use of gloves.


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