Ready to use sprays -10% whole week!

by Irina Skachkova

Did you notice that Arealshop now has a domestic KW brand in its selection?

Now your hair salon or beauty salon can get real luxury treatment!

This week, all ready-to-use spray products are -10%!

  • KW Blue - for washing windows
  • KW Green - for general cleaning
  • KW Pink - for washing dishes
  • KW DES Bright - for disinfecting surfaces (including ethanol)
  • KW Yellow - for disinfecting surfaces (based on hydrogen peroxide)
  • KW Red - for sanitary facilities
  • KW Kitchen - for the kitchen

Find all products at the link

We tell you more about the products on our SOME channels. Follow us on Instagram @arealshop.fin and stay tuned.

Happy beginning of spring!


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