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Nitrile gloves BLACK (100 pcs) XS

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Disposable nitrile gloves do not contain natural latex, which eliminates the risk of having an allergic reaction to latex. The non-powdered factory-clean nitrile glove provides strong protection against corrosive chemicals. The puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is much higher than that of latex and other films used in the manufacture of gloves. The special feature of the nitrile is good flexibility, the gloves are shaped according to the hands in use and give freedom of movement. Roughened fingertips add comfort. Durable and high quality glove. Disposable gloves are ideal for a variety of body treatments such as peeling and sugaring. Nitrile Glove is comfortable applying masks and creams, caring for nails and lashes, performing hair dyeing and treatments. Size S (length 240 mm, width - 80-89 mm) Color - blue / light blue depending on the product batch. Manufacturer varies. The packaging bag contains 100 pieces, ie 50 pairs.