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The professional series Shor SensoCalm, developed on the basis of natural ingredients, is intended for sensitive and reactive skin and skin with signs of couperosa. Skin care products restore the condition of the skin, nourish it, protect it from damage, activate regenerative processes, prevent the appearance of rosacea and slow down the appearance of new broken blood vessels.

Sensocalm series active ingredients:

  • AgascalmTM - an extract of the Mexican Agastache plant, which helps to avoid the effect of stress on the skin that causes redness, to reduce cell inflammation. Improves skin tone and strengthens capillaries. 
  • Tazman Pepper TM- is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergic ingredient.
  • Polyplant PerfeskinTM - is a mixture of medicinal plant extracts: horse chestnut, arnica, magic nut, ivy, grape leaves and honeysuckle. Strengthens blood vessel walls and surface blood vessels.
  • Aktyvys RedoutTM - is an innovative active ingredient especially for the treatment of sensitive skin. It is in the form of a capsule that contains turmeric and pine bark extracts. Regulates and normalizes the skin's immune system, reduces facial redness.
  • Calmosensine TM is a "feel-good peptide". Reduces the skin's sensitivity to irritating factors.