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The PropioCare series is intended for the daily treatment of skin prone to inflammation and acne and is suitable for all ages. PropioCare cosmetics are based on carefully selected natural ingredients that regulate sebum production. They remove redness and itching, maintain an optimal moisture level in the cells, and also have an antiseptic, soothing and antioxidant effect. Care products stimulate regeneration, clean and moisturize.

Active ingredients of the Propiocare series:

  • Wild Pansy Extract - Keto pansy extract against inflammation, shrinks skin pores
  • Polyplant Oily Skin™ - an extract of seven plants to normalize sebum secretion and restore the skin: Watercres, Arctium,Sage, Lemon, Ivy, Saponaria and Fucus
  • AcNet™ - a combination of two acids that fight acne bacteria
  • Sepicontrol™ A5 – cinnamon extract against blackheads