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Shor Cosmetics

Israeli cosmetics brand Shor Professional is a new innovative skin care series for professionals.

Shor Professional offers solutions for various skin problems and product lines for all ages.
Launched in Finland in 2020. Skin care products are not tested on animals.

The professional series is named after its developer Andrey Shor. The new series was inspired by the latest achievements in the field of cosmetics and biotechnology, the popularity of enzymes among cosmetologists, the widespread popularity of natural cosmetics around the world and, of course, the new most effective ingredients. The new magnificent series SHOR Professional is an achievement of more than 20 years in Israeli cosmetology. Great results in no time.

Shor Professional on
- New improved compositions
- Medicinal ingredients
- Natural mild aromas
- Unique facials
- Solutions for various skin problems
- Luxurious and rich skin care products
- Fast and visible results
- Product ranges for all ages