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RefectoСil has been the best and best-selling brand in eyelash and eyebrow dyeing for 70 years. Refectocil is known for its professional quality, and its products can be found in most beauty salons.

Well-shaped plant-colored eyebrows frame your face and accentuate your eyes naturally beautifully. Lashes that look longer create a lively look. Your eyebrows look distinctly darker, longer and thicker thanks to coloring. Both women and men can use permanent colors, for example, for eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns, beards or intimate areas.
RefectoCil eyeshadow lasts up to six weeks, in our wide range you will find all the products for ideal eyelashes and eyebrows.
Detailed product inquiries: Depend Cosmetic Oy, Risto Rytin katu 28, 32700 Huittinen. Tel. 02-566700.
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